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The Intellectual Foundation of Jamaica (IFOJ) is an independent, educational charitable organization formed in 2010 and registered in the state of Colorado.

IFOJ’s primary purpose is to empower students and influence the growth of high quality education in the most underserved sections of Jamaica’s secondary education system. IFOJ’s vision is rooted in the belief that access to good education is one of the best paths to personal and national development, and that time and resources expended in this endeavor will invariably yield meaningful and tangible returns to both donors and recipients.

The Foundation is governed by a team of committed, resourceful and passionate individuals who are excited to combine their resources, expertise and networks to make a positive and lasting contribution to the development of Jamaica’s intellectual capital.




The mission of the IFOJ is to actively foster a culture of learning and educational excellence by providing scholarships and mentoring to needy high school students. Additionally, we will channel teaching resources to under-funded institutions. IFOJ will fund its objectives through donor contributions, network solicitation and institutional grants and gifts.




An excellent and accessible education for Jamaican high school students

Together with their families, teachers and community we aim to make learning a fun and attainable goal by taking an active role in the Jamaican “nation building” process. As a catalyst in this process, we will empower young people to reach their full potential, improve their likelihood of having better lives and create lasting change for generations to come.

Integrity – we will do everything in our power to earn and maintain the trust of our valued donor partners, and will steadfastly honor the promise we make to our scholarship recipients. 

Stewardship – we recognize that we are stewards of the funds and resources entrusted to our care.  We will safeguard all donations, disburse according to clearly defined and transparent criteria, provide timely reporting, and hold our recipients accountable. We also perform annual audits, which mean you can request a copy of our annual financials at any time.


Excellence – we will hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and responsibility, and 

will empower and inspire our recipients to similarly high levels of ambition and accomplishment.


Passion – we are excited to lead this life changing effort, and will invest our time and resources with the energy and enthusiasm necessary to bring about lasting change.  

Leadership Principles

The IFOJ is managed by a board of trustees. Board members are located all over the world and are committed to the mission of the Foundation. The Foundation does not have members, however we do have a number of mentors/volunteers who are critical to our success.

Organizational Structure

The IFOJ was founded in 2010 and is registered in both Colorado and Massachusetts.

The Foundation is a 501c3 organization. Your donations to IFOJ is tax exempt in the United States per applicable laws.


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