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Jamaica College and Merl Grove High School
IFOJ Scholarship Schools for 2017/2018

IFOJ High School Scholarship Program

The IFOJ scholarship is a 2-year award for students who have demonstrated financial need and a proven commitment to academic excellence. The scholarship underwrites school related expenses for recipients beginning in their 10th grade school year and continuing into their 11th grade school year. Specifically, the scholarship will fund:

  • Books

  • Lunch

  • Tuition

  • Transportation

  • Uniform


Scholarship is capped at US$1,800 per year. 

Scholarship Program

Scholarship winners will be selected based on a combination of factors including need, academic aptitude, and leadership qualities.


Selection is made by the Scholarship Committee composed of board members, advisors or other representatives selected and approved by IFOJ.


IFOJ’s decision is final and uncontestable with regards to scholarship selections.

Scholarship Selection Process:

All submitted entries become the property of IFOJ and will not be returned.

Application Documents:

To receive the Intellectual Foundation of Jamaica scholarship, the student should be:


  • A registered high school student in Jamaica

  • Entering the 10th grade in September 2017

  • In good standing at your high school. This includes, but is not limited to, behavior within the school's written and/or standard code of ethics. It also includes meeting IFOJ's specified attendance requirements.

  • Not related to any IFOJ Board member or advisor

Eligibility Requirements: 
Maintaining Your Scholarship: 

Scholarship recipients are required to accomplish the following to maintain his/her scholarship:

  • Maintains a minimum grade B average for each subject during each school term during the scholarship period. Failure to maintain this grade requirement may result in the loss of scholarship assistance.

  • Performs a minimum of 12 hours of community service work for each school term during the scholarship period. Failure to perform the required hours of community service will result in the loss of scholarship assistance.

Scholarship Application Forms:

Please click below to complete your application online - applying online is the only way to apply for the IFOJ scholarship. Both Application Form #1 and Application Form #2 must be completed.

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