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Former IFOJ Scholarship Recipients Dervette Williams & Neiliah Nelson

Dervette Williams, former IFOJ scholarship from St. Thomas High School is now pursuing pre-college courses in 6th form. In the picture below, Dervette (left) is joined by another former scholarship recipient, Neiliah Nelson. Neiliah is now employed at her alma mater, St. Thomas Technical High School.

Every year thousands of students from Jamaica’s inner-cities and other financially challenged communities fail in high school due to a lack of resources. Consequently, their college and career prospects are bleak to nonexistent. With your help, IFOJ will continue to transform lives by offering high school scholarships to cover necessary school related expenses such as lunch, transportation cost, school fees, books and uniforms.

To date our scholarship program has alleviated the financial burden of five students and empowered them to focus fully on their school work. Our goal is to empower as many students as possible, and your donations go directly to the students, as our administrative expenses are limited to required regulatory fees and necessary supplies.

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